Dietetic Interventions

Brigid Horan is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 18 years experience across many settings. She has a warm compassionate approach to nutrition counselling and has trained in Motivational Interviewing to assist her work. She is skilled in providing nutrition counselling for a large range of presenting problems outlined below.

Brigid creates a warm, compassionate space for you to come and discuss your experiences with food, eating and their body. Brigid sees clients with a broad range of eating disorder behaviours including restrictive eating habits, purging behaviours and binge eating. You may feel distressed or preoccupied with thoughts and fears about food, eating and their weight. Remember that eating disorders come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages so whatever your concerns you deserve help and support.

Some people may not have an eating disorder but may have a complex relationship with food that may impact their mental and physical health. Disordered eating habits may include fasting, binge eating, chronic dieting, following excessive food rules, feeling stressed and thinking obsessively about food choices, eating and body weight.

Brigid is a member of Size Inclusive Health Australia an organisation that works to promote respect for all bodies and eliminate size based discrimination. Size inclusive health providers understand that size diversity is normal and we focus on your overall health and healthy behaviours rather than promote weight loss.

Many people are told they need to lose weight for their health however we have strong evidence that restrictive diets don’t work in the long term and can have negative health consequences. We also know that individuals can choose to focus on health behaviours such as eating nutritious foods, improving sleep quality and stress management and increasing activity and that these can positively impact health even if we don’t lose weight.

Brigid is passionate about helping people understand the complex links between weight and health so they can make an informed decisions about their life.

Intuitive Eating is a model for eating according to body cues that allows food freedom and flexibility while also incorporating nutrition. Brigid helps clients move away from food rules and a restrictive mindset around food and relearn what to eat based on body cues of hunger, fullness and satisfaction.