Psychiatric treatment

Dr Andrew Mckensey | Psychiatrist | The Lighthouse Clinic | Kiama Illawarra

Dr Andrew McKensey

To Book an Appointment please contact Dr McKensey directly on 4203 7115 (ext 1)

Dr McKensey is a general adult psychiatrist. He has trained as both a general psychiatrist and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained specifically to understand illness from a medical and psychological perspective. As such they are uniquely placed to understand more complex presentations and may explore possible medical causes or medication treatments in addition to psychological treatments.

Medications are rarely a cure but often can be a useful part of treatment. All medications have potential side effects and so the benefits and costs have to be considered on an individual basis. For medications to be effective patients always need to have a choice. If you want to know more about medication start by seeing your general practitioner and they can refer you to a psychiatrist for more information if needed.

Dr Andrew McKensey has completed extensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, a more in-depth form of treatment commonly used when brief treatment have been inadequate. Long term psychodynamic psychotherapy is a significant commitment, generally requiring weekly sessions for multiple years. While it is a significant investment there is evidence for its efficacy continuing for years after the treatment has concluded.