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ABN: 80 440 383 506

Dr Anneliese Jens


Anneliese is a General Practitioner residing in Kiama who has recently joined the Lighthouse Clinic. She has worked as a General Practitioner in the Shoalhaven for the past 8 years both in private practice and with the South Coast Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation. Prior to studying medicine Anneliese worked at the women’s hospital in Melbourne as a registered nurse.

Throughout Anneliese’s career she has become increasingly aware of the physical and mental health issues that are unique to women experiencing perimenopause/menopause. This life change can have far-reaching consequences impacting personal relationships, self-esteem, mental health, family and employment.  The complexity of these issues is something that is often poorly understood or recognised. This led Annelises to develop a special interest and pursue further training in Perimenopause and Menopause.

Annelise’s holistic approach and specialist training fills an important gap in women’s healthcare and aims to optimise wellbeing through this time.