Dr Andrew Mckensey | Psychiatrist | The Lighthouse Clinic | Kiama Illawarra
ABN: 83 885 873 438

To Book an Appointment please contact Dr McKensey directly on 4203 7115 (ext 1)

Dr Andrew McKensey

Dr McKensey is a general adult psychiatrist. He has trained as both a general psychiatrist and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Dr McKensey provides specialist advice, especially around complex presentation where multiple diagnostic spectrums co-exist. Dr Mckensey is able to provde detailed assessment and treatment plans to support general practitioners and psychologist to continue managing patients independently.

Dr McKensey also specialises in the psychotherapies. Providing long term in depth psychotherapy for presentations where first line mental health treatments have not been effective or where deeper change is wanted to suggested. Often the problems relates to the way symptoms of mental illness are woven with early life struggles, including developmental traumas, adversity or relationship strain. At other times it is about the repeatigve patterns of behaviour and relationships that continue through peoples lives and causing repeated suffering. Patients will usually present with a variety of symptoms including mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality, substance or bodily symptoms, while the deeper forces that are driving problem are hidden.

Psychotherapies provide a means of slowly unpacking these difficulties in a safe, consistent and reliable relationship. The deeper issues become the focus, as opposed to the symptoms lying on the surface.

Dr McKensey also facilitates Balint groups and provides supervision for mental health practitioners on an individual basis and group basis.